3722 Galaxy Garage Overhead Charger

For Public or Private Parking

EV Charging Stations with superior cable management

EVSE’s 3722 Garage Overhead Charger provides safe and affordable electric vehicle charging for commercial parking garages, multi‐dwelling units and private parking facilities.

The weather‐proof unit is installed on the ceiling, safely keeping the EV battery charger cable and connector away from water, salt and automobiles. The retractable cable also helps pedestrians avoid tripping hazards and protects the unit from vandals.

The 3722 Garage Overhead Charger can be configured to activate by local or remote control. When triggered, the charger’s automatic electronic cable management system will automatically lower the EV battery charger connector to an ADA‐compliant height. The user then extends the cable and plugs it into their vehicle. When disconnected, the cable automatically retracts to the original overhead position in the charger station.

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Standard Features.

Data Routers

Designed with a large, On/Off push‐pad button, all EVSE Data Routers are easy to read and use. They also feature State‐of‐Charge (SOC) lighted indicators, showing that the charger is on, that the J1772 is properly connected, and that the vehicle is charging. An additional light illuminates if there is a problem.

  • Mounts overhead making it perfect for parking garages
  • Keeps cable out of reach, reducing tripping hazards and vandalism
  • 4 major internal parts: Motor Assembly, Cable, GFCI, Data Router
  • Internal disconnect switch included for ease in servicing
  • Compatible with a variety of OCPP charger networks
  • Locate chargers away from perimeter of garage floor if desirable
  • Fully ADA compliant for people with disabilities
  • Multiple activation methods including pushbuttons, EV sensor, key FOB
  • Lowers install costs, no bollards needed, saves on valuable floor space
  • Ideal for flood or storm surge prone areas
  • CTEP CA Weights and Measures certificate

Add-on Options

Payment Station

  • Communications gateway plus authorization options
  • Can be supplied with a credit card and/or RFID reader
  • Keypad & LCD display are used for onsite user interaction
  • Accepts onsite CC payments with no network membership required
  • Can communicate with up to 32 EV charger ports via ZigBee wireless (10 when using the EUMD due to data bandwidth)
  • Allows a facility to accept credit cared payments for use without being a
  • member of a public backend network (Eliminates yearly per/port charges)
  • Compatible with a variety of OCPP charger networks
  • Pole-mounted or remotely on pole or wall as kiosk


  • Allows EV charger to be connected to a number of different (pay-for-use) public backend networks or the facilities (free-to-use) private network to collect data
  • Provides the facility with real time status, error reporting, kWh usage, etc.
  • Can only perform mobile activations with an OCPP public backend network
  • Communicates to a charger with a wired or wireless connection:
    Wired: serial (up to 8 chargers with MUX)
    Wireless: ZigBee (up to 32 chargers wirelessly)
  • Communicates to backend public or private network provider with a wired Ethernet or wireless cellular connection
  • Can be mounted on a wall with a wall kit or on a charger pedestal
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Product Specifications

Power Specifications

Input/Output Voltage:


Output Current:

40A (30A)

Output Power:

9.6 kW (7.2kW)

Vehicle Connector:

SAE J1772

Safety & Compliance


IEC/UL/CSA C22.2 61010-1
NEC Article 625
SAE J1772


FCC Part 15 Class A
Canadian ICES-003

Surge Protection:

6KV @3000A

Ground Fault:

Internal 20MA CCID with auto re-closure


To Host:

Integrated 4G Cellular Gateway Module or 10/100 ethernet

To a Payment/Gateway Module:

Zigbee mesh Protocol or a hard-wired serial connection


Operating Temperature:

-22°F to 122°F (-30°C to 50°C)

Operating Humidity:

Up to 95% non-condensing

Enclosure Rating:




10.68 in (h) x 12 in (w) x 27 in (d)


35lbs (charger only)


Uses 5068 series mounting frames

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