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EVSE LLC, a subsidiary of Control Module Inc., is a leading designer and manufacturer of smart EV chargers for the workplace, parking facilities, public locations, fleets and multi-dwelling residential units.

Press Release

EVSE, A Division of Control Module Inc, Announces Partnership With Valmont Industries, Inc.
Enfield, CT, April 17,2023 – EVSE with our name change to EVSE a Division of Control Module Inc. announces, today, a partnership with Valmont Industries, Inc. headquartered in Omaha, NE (NYSE: VMI). Valmont is a global leader that provides vital lighting and electrical distribution infrastructure. As a key partner, Valmont will offer EVSE smart charging solutions throughout its sales network in the US and Canada with a focus on light pole mounted electric vehicle (EV) charging stations for curbside, parking and multi-family dwelling applications.

EVSE’s unique light and utility pole mounted charging stations with retractable cables are addressing critical issues facing the expansion of EV charging station infrastructure. First and foremost they can be installed on existing light and utility poles, with readily available sources of power, saving as much as 50% of the installation cost of ground level equipment. Secondly, utilizing the charging cable extension and retraction capabilities of the charger, it can be mounted 10-12 feet above ground level, dropping the cable to the driver upon authorization using a smartphone app or RFID reader. This allows the equipment to remain above potential flood waters and away from vandals who might cut the power cable for copper value. Lastly, this approach allows convenient curbside mounting for congested urban areas and for drivers who might not have off-street parking, primarily the multi-unit dwelling or disadvantaged driver. Multiple pilots across the US with utilities and municipalities are demonstrating the validity of this approach.

Valmont VP of Technology Commercialization Dan Witt comments, “Our partnership with EVSE will allow us to better serve our customers while conserving resources and improving life. Renewable energy solutions are continually a top priority for Valmont and our customers. This offering will allow us to help expand access to EV charging access points to those who don’t have access to in-ground charging stations.”

EVSE President John Fahy expresses his excitement about the prospects of working so closely with a company of the stature of Valmont, indicating, “With our knowledge of EV charging and Valmont’s knowledge of light poles, this is a partnership that just makes sense. We are looking forward to being able to make our chargers available to the unique sales channel offered by Valmont, reaching a broad customer base in a very effective manner.”

This partnership offers both companies synergistic results that could not have been achieved outside of the partnership. Valmont is able to build a comprehensive portfolio of Smart Solution products that are inclusive, connected, equitable, resilient and secure. They complement other products Valmont offers which have allowed them to be recognized as
a global leader in core physical infrastructure. EVSE now will be able to make its unique charging station products more visible to its customers, utilizing the large Valmont sales network with key existing relationships across the market segments served in the EV industry.

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                   CMI owner James Bianco has been waiting for a moment like this.

“To be recognized makes a big difference for us because we’re just a little company here in Connecticut,” Bianco says. “Sometimes nobody knows about us. Big ideas. Doing big systems.”

The EV charger that drops from the sky

Seattle, WA Jacob Orenberg stands next to a wooden utility pole on a cloudy Seattle afternoon, tapping at his phone. Then, with the faintest of whirs, something stirs overhead.

The noise comes from a gray steel box, a dozen feet off the ground and blandly unremarkable in the manner of hardware that hangs off power poles. A slender white-and-black thing is slowly descending from that box, attached to an orange tether. Reaching the level of Orenberg’s waist, it halts.

The device is a charger, the standard-issue kind that conveniently refills the battery of an electric car in a home garage.Read more

City of Melrose Introduces Innovative Electric Vehicle Charger Program

MELROSE, MA—As a kickoff to Earth Week, the City of Melrose cut the ribbon on two of 16 pole-mounted electric vehicle (EV) chargers set to be installed throughout the City—the first EV chargers of their kind on the East Coast.

At a press event on Thursday, April 22, Earth Day, Mayor Paul Brodeur spoke alongside Cassandra Vickers, senior product manager, and Jake

Navarro, Director of Clean Transportation from National Grid, Melrose’s primary partner in the innovative installation efforts.  Read more

National Grid Deploys Innovative EV Chargers in Melrose

WALTHAM, MA – National Grid today announced the deployment of pole-mounted electric vehicle chargers in Melrose, unveiling an innovative, first-in-the region program intended to expand EV adoption, accelerate usage and lower installation costs.

In partnership with the City of Melrose, a total of 16 chargers will be installed by mid-summer on National Grid poles throughout the city, providing charging access to those without private garages or dedicated parking.  Read more

Featured on the News

City unveils pole-mounted charging stations for electric vehicles

MELROSE, Mass. — A local community is using its current infrastructure to bring clean energy to drivers.
Earth Day in Melrose meant doing something no other city in Massachusetts has done before: Installing and implementing pole-mounted electric vehicle chargers.
It’s part of a partnership with National Grid with the goal to utilize existing infrastructure to expand equitable access to this kind of clean energy technology that is growing in popularity. Read More

Smart Charging

When equipped with our automatic electonic cable management feature, our EV chargers offer these industry-leading benefits:

  • Level 1 or Level 2 in the same EV charging stations; wire once and adjust power as you require
  • Stand-alone or fully networked data routers to capture usage data and remotely monitor and control your assets
  • A variety of electric car charger activation options including On-Button, RFID, Proximity, Mobile Phone Apps and Live Operator
  • Open Charge Network (OCPP) compliant to ensure universal access to electric vehicle chargers without member cards
  • Integration with leading parking systems like Amano McGann and Hub to simplify payment and operations
  • Designed to function in extremely cold weather
  • Revolutionary cable retraction protects electric vehicle drivers, pedestrians and the cable to reduce liability while complying with ADA and OSHA workplace rules

Protect Pedestrians, Comply with ADA and OSHA, & Reduce Liability With Automatic Electronic Cable Management

Our revolutionary, patented automatic electronic cable management system solves common challenges associated with electric vehicle charger cables. By preventing them from lying on the ground, our patented system reduces liability from tripping hazards and prevents damage to connectors.

When the EV cable management system is activated, the electric car charger cable is released for use. When the connector is removed from the electric vehicle, the cable and connector automatically retract into a compartment, where they are protected from damage by vehicles, weather and vandals. This retraction capability also helps pedestrians avoid tripping accidents while ensuring compliance with both ADA and OSHA regulations.

Our Smart EV Charging Solutions Easily Adapt to Your Operations

EVSE LLC’s electric car charging products provide flexible and secure access that can be custom-tailored to your needs. Why add a new payment or access method to your electric vehicle charging project when you can use what is already in place? Our EV charging station platform can utilize existing ID cards and existing parking tickets issued by parking gates.

EV charging station control modules with credit card payment solutions
Secure identification access via RFID, proximity and UHF
Parking payment ticket, activation and usage tracking is available
Compatible with smartphone apps and smart payment applications


Mounted to the ceiling overhead, the EVSE LLC Garage Overhead Electric Car Charger is ideal for both public and private garages. The 3704 AutoCoil Electric Car Charger offers Level 1 and 2 capability and is available in wall-mounted and single- or dual-pole mounted versions. Both feature our proprietary cable management system that ensures OSHA compliance at the workplace, which mandates keeping live cables off the ground.


Our cable retraction system ensures that the EV charger cable is automatically stored within the unit when not in use, preventing damage caused by weather, other vehicles and vandals. This revolutionary system also protects pedestrians from potential tripping injuries. Installation does not require poles or barriers that reduce ADA compliance.

Learn more about EVSE’s cable management system >


  • Network and software integration
  • Ethernet, cellular and other radio communications
  • Payment modules
  • Hand-held charger installation testing devices
  • A variety of secure charger activation options
  • Remote control monitoring and management of networks

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