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Our EV charging stations offer easy integration, maximum safety, and lower liability costs.

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Transforming EV Infrastructure.

Smart Charging Solutions that Easily Adapt to your Operations

EVSE designs and manufactures electric car charging stations and charging support equipment. With a full line of electric vehicle charging stations, networking options and support equipment, we create residential and public EV charging solutions that adapt to your operations.

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EVSE’s patented and state-of-the-art designs set us apart from other EV charging stations. Able to be stand-alone or network enabled, as well as having usage and reporting options, we have a product to fit your needs.

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3703 ChargeWorks EV Charger

Smart Level 1 or 2 EV Charger

Single or Dual

  • Competitively priced
  • Wall or pole mounting
  • 20-foot charging cable
  • 40- or 30- Amp charge rate
  • Easy & safe servicing
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3704 Autocoil™

Smart Level 2 EV Charger

Single, Dual or Utility Pole

  • Autocoil™ keeps cable off the ground
  • Pole or wall mounting
  • 25-foot charging cable
  • Low profile
  • 40- or 30- Amp charge rate
Single / Dual Utility Pole
3722 Galaxy Overhead

Garage Overhead Charger

Commercial and Private Facilities

  • Autocoil™ cable management
  • Ceiling mounted
  • 20-foot charging cable
  • Multiple activation methods
  • 40- or 30- Amp charge rate
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Electrician Tester

EV Charger Tester

Verify vital requirements

  • Durable & small handheld unit
  • Self-powered
  • Weatherproof
  • Voltage, current, and communication signals
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Support Products & Services

Custom-tailored Products that Meet Your Needs.

Payment Solutions for EV Charging Stations

EVSE’s flexible payment and secure access solutions for electric vehicle charging stations adapt to what’s already in place with your operation. It’s your property, and if you own the chargers, any revenue should go directly to your account and not an outside EV charging station operator.

Our payment modules and payment stations for electric car chargers integrate with your existing revenue collection, credit card billing, pre-paid monthly cards and secure access (e.g. gate and ticket) systems. Our solution is simple, easy and smart.

  • Payments deposit directly into your account
  • Wall or pole mounted
  • Weatherproof with a retractable cover
  • Large, easy-to-read touchscreen
  • Wi-Fi compatible
  • Ethernet and cellular communications

Flexible Activation Options – Data Routers

Public parking facilities, multi‐dwelling communities and private residences with electric vehicles each require different charger activation controls to meet their needs. EVSE’s EV charging solutions adapt to every customer’s existing RFID, Proximity and Secure Access system badges and readers. This eliminates unnecessary complexity in activation by utilizing the systems your customers and employees are familiar with and are already in place.

We designed our extensive line of electric car charging products to support modular control unit options, allowing the installation of any controller on any charger. This design supports easy repair and allows you to change controls at a later date if necessary.

  • Easy to read and use
  • State-of-Charge lighted indicators
  • Secure access via RFIT, proximity, UHF, parking stub and credit card payment
  • Supports modular control unit options
  • Easy repair and replacement

Leading the Charge.

Drive to Produce Safe & Smart EV Charger

Our dedicated production and support team has been committed to excellence for over four decades, and our patented automatic cable management system provides ADA-compliant electric vehicle charger access with a revolutionary design unmatched by other EV charger manufacturers.


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Control Module Inc. offers exceptional sales, service and support for our workforce data collection solutions, our electric car charging stations, and our fleet management systems. Our representatives are available by phone or email to address your needs.

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