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EVSE Electric Vehicle Chargers

Residential ChargerThe ReEVSE

EVSE LLC's Residential Charging Station provides a safe, affordable and easy-to-use solution for Level 2 home electric vehicle charging.

  • Interior or Exterior Installation
  • State of Charge (SOC) Monitoring
  • Automatic Shut-Off at Full Charge

The charger requires little space and can be installed in minutes, quickly providing practical charging for virtually any home. The ReEVSE offers a convenient wall‐mount design, neat cord storage system and easy-to-use charger setting.

Residential Car ChargerResidential Car ChargerResidential Car ChargerResidential Car ChargerResidential Car Charger

The ReEVSE is Designed for Interior or Exterior Charging Applications

With a modular platform, the ReEVSE is designed to support today's charging standards as well as tomorrow's innovations. The unit is designed to provide lasting charging abilities and a long life-span. Download Specifications Sheet.


  • Wall or pedestal mount
  • Wrap-around cable
  • 19.5" high x 10.5" wide x 4" deep


  • State of charge (SOC) monitoring
  • Automatic shut-off at full charge
  • NEMA 4 compliant
  • Rated for -17°C to +50° C & 95% humidity


  • Optional radio communication
  • Power monitoring with integration to 3rd party systems

EV Charger Payment Kiosks & Stations

EV Charger Payment Kiosk

EVSE Payment Kiosks and Payment Stations can easily integrate with existing operations and systems. With state-of-charge monitoring and a variety of payment options, our payment solutions can provide revenue and tracking resources for public locations.

Charger Control Module Options

Overhead Vehicle Charger

Designed for a variety of public and private installations, our EV chargers automatic cable management system can be activated using a variety of controllers including on/off, RFID, proximity and parking stub.

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